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1e - BASIC Kitten Fangs

£99.00 £130.00

'Kitten' Fangs are a duplicate listing of the Vampire fangs veneers

but are available as just the Canines (Singles) or the Blade (Doubles)
this listing has only been created because of the amount of enquiries for kitten fangs and people not realising they are the SAME PRODUCT  :)

These are custom made to fit your teeth but this is a 24% discounted option STRICTLY limited to just the 2 BASIC 'Kitten' designs and 3 lengths.

We always try to pick front teeth which are a 'similar size' to your real ones, but this option is just a basic design option. anything specific required should be referred to the Standard Option

DO NOT expect the teeth to look 'just like your real ones' as this is an option you can get in the Standard veneer listing

The styles offered are:

Canines - Singles
Blade - Doubles

Lengths are: Discrete 2-3mm, Normal 5-6mm, Long 7-10mm

FYI - if there are any special requests for particular changes to the designs or teeth shapes, these would come under the Standard Option!

Please see the full details on the FAQ and BUY pages...

On receipt of any custom made teeth order, an email will be sent as a receipt/confirmation and this MUST be replied to, for the order to be accepted and started.

Once the details have been confirmed, an easy DIY teeth casting kit is included in the cost as a courtesy but it is always a more accurate option if you can get a full mouth cast from your dentist to send to me instead.  in some cases this may be a requirement but its up to you...

i can only guarantee they will fit the casts you send to me!

Always email me picture of either cast option to ensure they are suitable for this process [:)]

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