Custom Made Vampire Fangs, Character Teeth and SFX makeup

About Us

CustomFangs and HobbyFX are a 'hobby business' and have been set up to offer quality costuming products to people on a budget.... or at least it used to be...

now, circumstances have allowed it to become my full time job!... and not just teeth, all sorts of FX makeup :)

We looked at the market for other teeth suppliers and came to the conclusion that you DO get what you pay for. 

Cheap products are often ill fitting, don't look so good and don't get worn for very long. however, they are good for the money!

Expensive products are often nigh on perfection. if you can afford them, go for it!

Our products are in the middle. Simply good looking at a reasonable price! 

 We offer:

Custom Made Veneer Teeth and Fangs 

Professional Prosthetic appliances

Various Supplies relating to FX Makeup

 there is a new webshop that is in the works
if i pull my finger out it will be released soon. 

Some parts of this site are not yet active yet but we welcome your enquiries.

 We are based in the Midlands UK.