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3a - NEW! FLEXICLAWS Semi-Flexible Costume Claws (vampire)


NEW "FlexiClaws"   Semi-Flexible costume Vampire claws from HobbyFX
Great for Halloween, Cosplay and LARP - add that little extra to your costume !

Made from tough PU Rubber they are attached with nail glue (supplied) and are a great addition to your costume!

Being flexible means they are safer to use than solid types and you wont scratch yourself/others or they are less likely to ping off at a random moment when you're trying to do something.

They are supplied in a pack of 14 fairly flat claws in different sizes so should be able to fit most people and after you've chosen the sizes that fit you the best, you have the rest as spares! :)

(you will need nail varnish remover / acetone to remove and clean your nails up after wearing).

 Available in different colours: Black as standard but other colours are available if required,  they will also take nail polish pretty well too, so you have that option to customise them yourself!

 Custom Made to order on receipt of payment.
These are an updated version of the previously available version  :)

 Please contact me for further information (if needed) and thank you for the interest in my work :)

only as a guess, do you think you have small/medium OR medium/large sized nails?

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