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6 - Life Casting Services


At HobbyFX we are able to offer you a Lifecasting service at our Midlands UK workshop OR at your premises (England/Wales only)

Maybe you'd like a copy of your face, your head or another body part for use in creating your own prosthetic makeup, a display piece or maybe a treasured memory?

Primarily we like to work with Life Form Silicone.  Other materials, like alginate are also used where necessary or preferred.

Whilst we prefer to do this in-house, we can also, subject to travel costs being paid, do this at a location of your choice.   bearing in mind its the round trip distance, travel costs are 30p/mile.  this is within a sensible distance, maybe about 100 miles?

these are EXAMPLE Prices:

Full face cast = £70
Full Head cast = £160
Full Head and shoulders cast = £200
Ears = £40

Hands, Arms, Feet, Legs, Pregnant Belly etc also available,
pricing varies depending on just what you need?

A £30 prepaid non refundable deposit is required for all bookings. 

Costs above are for our time and materials to make the initial lifecast and produce a basic plaster positive.
Additional options are available at further cost...
We can do a corrected positive, remould and recast in resin or plaster.
We can produce a corrected version of the face that is set into a base with keys, ready for you to sculpt on... (resin works better for this as a plaster one would be very thick/heavy)

shipping may have to be added if we need to send the finished item to you later.
Items can either be made from resin or plaster, or, depending on the materials we use, just be the raw life cast so that you can pour the positives later etc...?

pricing is based on a non-exclusive basis (meaning we can make use of your cast for future in-house work).  should you require the facecast/remoulded negative for your own exclusive use, this will incur additional costs

please contact us for further details

do you have any allergies?

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