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2d - Terminate Prosthetic


Available now!
a silicone prosthetic with thin edges
available in 2 types...
Male/Medium size on the right side of the face
or Female/small on the left side of the face


(they are slightly different designs too, to suit the size of your face)


Made from silicone, it is easy to apply with its thin edges.

please contact if you need futher information


Several Sample sized prosthetic application materials are also available if you don't have the adhesive/remover already available.

Any prosthetic supplied will likely have some flashing around the edges, this will need to be removed prior to application

the piece is supplied in a generic skin tone but you WILL need some makeup!

at a push, i've found that you can get away with normal foundation and silver eye shadow but you should really be using more professional makeup.


Please be advised that these are normally made to order

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