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1b - "Standard" Budget Quality Fangs and Character Teeth


Please contact me with details of your requirements.
This listing is for a Standard Budget Set of character teeth or fangs.
these may be vampire fangs, kitten fangs, pet play fangs, charcater teeth, demom etc...

the pictures listed are not specific products to be ordered, they are just EXAMPLES of what can be made.

The £120 price is the usual cost for a SINGLE Upper or lower veneer.
this option allows for more specific teeth shapes and designs to be accomodated
If you are just after the basic fangs, there is usually a seperate (discounted) listing but these are the normal price of my budget fangs.

Upper and lower sets are available, however there is additional cost for those and generally start at £200GBP * however a dental cast may be required to get the proper fit *

YOU MUST ORDER A TEETH CASTING KIT too, unless you are getting your dentist to make them!!!

Whilst for most of the Budget options, our DIY teeth casting kit can be used, it isn't a perfect system.  uppers are generally ok and lowers are possible if the casts you make are really good but it depends on the style you require...  it is always preferable for you to go to the dentist and get proper teeth casts made and send them to me.
Those will be the most accurate copies of your teeth and allow me a lot more control over the finished look  :)
Should you be able to send proper casts, that also opens up the Next quality option, the Detailed (movie) sets which you can find on another listing...

Please contact me before attempting to order any of these products!

Have you messaged me with your style requirements first?

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