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1g DIY Teeth casting kit


This option is for a teeth casting kit IF you are unable to get one from your dentist ??
please at least try, before ordering  ;)

See the 2nd and 3rd pictures and the other listing.
Dentist made casts can either be the plaster study model, 3D printed or SILICONE in trays (BUT not alginate)

there are 2 home options and you WILL need to add this to a fangs / character teeth order if you can't get casts made by your dentist.
FYI, these kits can ONLY be sent out with a full teeth order (or the start of a deposit / lay-away order)

this DIY teeth casting kit is thermoplastic based and is usually the OKAY option for standard budget quality UPPER veneers ONLY, but its not always the most accurate method...
all other types of order WILL require a Dental Impressions Kit.
this is the preferred option anyway and due to its accuracy is required for more detailed work and/or lower veneers

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