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1h Dental Impressions Kit


This option is for a teeth casting kit IF you are unable to get one from your dentist ??

please at least try, before ordering [;)]


Dentist made casts can either be the plaster study model, 3D printed or SILICONE in trays (BUT not alginate)


there are 2 home options and you WILL need to add this to a fangs / character teeth order if you can't get casts made by your dentist.

FYI, these kits can ONLY be sent out with a full teeth order (or the start of a deposit / lay-away order)


this Dental Impressions Kit is similar to what the dentist would use and is very accurate, if done properly  :)

this is the preferred option anyway and due to its accuracy is required for more detailed work and/or lower veneers

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