Custom Made Vampire Fangs, Character Teeth and SFX makeup

Custom Made Fangs to a Standard Design - different choices - One price! (scroll down to see more )

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                         Canine Style                                                  Blade (film) Style

                                Lateral Style       *                                                 Underworld Style (top only)



They are available in Short, Normal or Long.  however...  you will make the selections on the form that comes with the teeth casting kit!
These are the basic design ONLY, custom made to fit your own teeth.
Often these are referred to as Vampire or Kitten fangs but can be for anything really  :)
I usually use shade A1 Acrylic, its a normal light tooth shade but you require a whiter set or maybe have particular tooth shapes you'd like, those would be covered under a "Standard range" order and will cost more.  Typical cost is £130GBP plus shipping!
If you require a very specific or complex design, then those would likely fall into the "Detailed/Movie quality Range" and those start at about £180GBP
Contact me for any additional requirements and i'll send an invoice/quote :)

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 Please Contact me before ordering ONLY if you need these for a particular event, have specific design requirements or have very crooked teeth etc
 ADDITIONAL fees may apply (also see the Priority option below) !-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
ADDITIONAL PRIORITY FEE (IF you want to get your order quicker???)

Good and Cheap = takes a long time, Good and Fast = Costs more money!
£75 PRIORITY fee - Skips most of the queue and gets put in the top, with the next ones to be worked on.  Made ASAP and 'usually' takes 2-5 weeks to complete order.
Any times are only estimates, it all depends on how much work i generally have at the time. 
The Absolute Priority service is available for very fast turnaround...  See FAQ.
just remember to let me know what teeth order this is for?
 Click this to pay the additional PRIORITY FEE,
 £75 GBP is roughly USD$91, CAD$122, AUD$120,  EUR€84  ( - as per 28/10/16)
This fee must only be used AFTER you have paid for the product!

please check FAQ for more info on Additional Fees and Delivery times etc...

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We can accept all major credit / debit cards through PayPal Only.

 Want some but can't afford them right now?  
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Do you have Problem / Awkward Teeth?

We can likely help but... please contact us before ordering!
The good thing about veneers, is we can accommodate irregular teeth and our mission is to improve your smile!  
Some our customers have some very irregular teeth!

The pictures below are NOT the most extreme so far... but a good example

  Non Fanged "Normal Teeth" available too
<---- See the NEW "Normal Teeth" page  :)

Quite an improvement!  This lovely lady was extremely happy and has expressed an interest for a 'normal teeth' set for her future wedding day pictures!  

Missing tooth?  Missing Teeth?  Crooked Teeth?         Come on... challenge us!
send us a picture of your real teeth or a link so I can advise/confirm ???

(At this price, these are a custom made veneer to a basic design; they are meant as a temporary cover up appliance and will not match your real teeth exactly, just be similar)

i can do the basic custom made cover up set (as above) or a more accurate and detailed set for an additional cost.  believe it or not, making the normal teeth veneers is a lot more work than the fangs!

<<< see the NORMAL Teeth page for more details


Buy Custom Made Commissions

Please contact me regarding anything different.
This would be covered under the "Standard Range and Prices start at £130 plus shipping*

We have different shipping rates depending on your location. UK or International (NON-UK)
At the moment, only the standard prices are listed.

Should you be interested in any of our other items then please use the Contact Us page and we will endeavour to reply asap.

Please include as much information as possible and ensure your contact details are correct.

Double check your email is correct !!! you MUST be over 16 to have these products or have checkable parental permission!  

Custom Made Commissions  (Scroll down for more...)

These are recent commissions and samples of our Custom work...
They are available in BOTH the Standard Budget OR the Detailed/Professional Quality

<------ check the halloween 2018 page!!!

Like everything on this website, these are examples of styles that you can buy OR just tell me what design you want?
these are mainly the mid range of products i do, pictures are to be added soon of the FILM QUALITY teeth that i am also able to do (at a greater cost tho. contact us for more details)

  Serpent Style Fangs (extra long laterals)           Buffy Style Fangs
Demon Vampire Set for an Australian music video (see links)

 Bat Creature Teeth with decay detailing - Uppers ( example made for another FX artist - Video link soon :)

 Werewolf set for a joint portfolio piece. Inspired by the BBC supernatural series 'Being Human'
Full upper and lower set of teeth with colouring as requested - £180*


 OTHER WEREWOLF STYLES ARE AVAILABLE, as they're custom made, anything is possible!!!


Warrior Teeth for a couple of Star Trek fanatics

Demon / Alucard Cosplay Teeth, full upper and lower demon/ Grell set


Pirate Teeth (gold leaf paint)  Inspired by a certain Johnny Depp Film

Rotting upper Zombie Teeth, colouring and damage as requested


   Orang-utan Teeth for an ITV pilot show 

 * plus shipping - All prices are approx, it depends on what you want so please contact me for details/quote
Any character or film names mentioned on this website are purely for reference purposes, hence 'style' - final designs depend greatly on your real teeth and how straight they are!
no copyright infringement is intended and these items are not being sold as copies of another artists designs, only inspired by...

DISCLAIMER (Full disclaimer/Terms on the FAQ page) 

The teeth are meant as a novelty item only.
As such, they should not  be used for eating, biting or any reason other than aesthetic purposes.
Do not share these with anybody; they are custom made just for you! 
We maintain the right to refuse to supply a product for any reason we deem necessary.
As these Teeth are custom made, if the work has been started, refunds will not be considered
If there is a problem with the teeth once made, we do our best to rectify the issue but as above, refunds cannot be considered once the work has been completed.

Any 'styles' mentioned from TV or films are designs 'inspired by' and will not be exact reproductions and no copyright is intended.  
The final product depends greatly on the size and shape of your real teeth and what we are able to create around them.

People with any loose caps, crowns, fillings etc. should ALWAYS consult a dentist before ordering these or any other fangs.
The teeth casting process has proved quite safe for good teeth but DO NOT ignore the above!

We will NOT make teeth for anyone under the age of 16.   This is not a cheap fancy dress product, they can be fragile and must be handled properly!
Repairs can only be made if they snap in 2 pieces, are less than a year old and will incur a repair fee

By placing an order with us you are entering into a contract to purchase a custom made piece of work.  you are stating you agree to the terms (Full terms in the FAQ section)  and agree that HobbyFX will not be held accountable in any way should you ignore any instructions or warnings

We will not be held responsible for the use or misuse of these products.