Custom Made Vampire Fangs, Character Teeth and SFX makeup

HobbyFX Deposit scheme (lay-away scheme)

I have added this page for those of you that would like to purchase a set of my teeth or fangs but are unable to make one full payment at the time of ordering.

This may also be used for the purchase of other higher priced items BY AGREEMENT ONLY


*    CONTACT US  and let us know when you've made the first payment  :)

*    Let us know what you are ordering and I will send you an invoice for
      the full amount owed, this avoids confusion later.

*    Minimum deposit payment is £25 per set  of teeth.

*    The initial deposit payment is NON REFUNDABLE under any circumstances.

*    Make sure your address is included in the payment notes.

*    The deposit will ensure a DIY Teeth Casting Kit (if needed) is sent to the provided address ASAP.  HOWEVER, we really WANT and Prefer a PROPER DENTAL CAST to work from.

*    Once we receive your casts back, we will add your order to the queue and start work.

*    No finished teeth will be shipped without us receiving FULL PAYMENT first.

*    We assume you'll be sending at least small amounts on a fairly regular basis.
      The deposit payment cover's initial costs and get the process started, however,
      we WILL NOT finish the teeth work until full payment has been received. 
      (Sometimes people abandon deposit orders and this is to ensure we aren't
      doing unnecessary work)  :( 

      *     Should there be a 3 month gap between payments the work will be put on hold.

      *    if there are no payments or contact for 6 months we will assume you have abandoned the order,
             dispose of your casts and all monies paid will be forfeited

*    Especially if you want these for a particular event (bearing in mind the normal
      waiting times and /or priority fees), it will be YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to
      ensure we receive the (correct) remaining amount in good time and to let us know
       you've made the final payment!
        we may send the occasional reminder but it is YOUR responsibility to ensure you make the payments.

*     This scheme is limited to FULL Price orders
      This means Standard Budget Quality or Detailed/Film QUality sets ONLY

the Deposit scheme CAN NOT be used with any Discounts or Promotional codes
You can either take any discount offered OR spread the cost out, you Can Not have both!
*     Prices on this website are subject to change without prior notice.

*    there are no time limits or minimum payment amounts, its up to you !

 I offer this page as a good-will service to my customers and it is NOT to be misused.


By clicking the button below, you are stating that you agree with the
above Terms and Conditions!

  Pay the £25 Initial Deposit ONLY
(roughly $35USD ish)

Please ONLY use this button to make the initial payment or you will start a 2nd order!

This can also be found here: 
! The HobbyFX Etsy Shop !

There are better payment options and more products on the Etsy store (inc our NEW! Dental Impressions Kit - more accurate than the old plastic DIY one)  ;)

Following acceptance of your deposit (Lay-away) order,
an invoice (bill) will be sent to the payment email address via PayPal.

Future payments MUST be made using that invoice as it helps us both keep track of the outstanding balance  :)

ALL payments to HobbyFX MUST be made in GBP and please make the remaining payments ASAP.
   (A reminder can be sent easily, on request)

USE google or to see the cost in your currency.