Custom Made Vampire Fangs, Character Teeth and SFX makeup

Frequently Asked Questions

We have added this section to help you understand more about our products and to list some of the common enquiries we receive.
   Please READ the disclaimer !

Terms & Conditions Disclaimer - YOU MUST READ THIS  !!!

 The teeth are meant as a novelty item only.
As such, they should not  be used for eating, biting or any reason other than aesthetic purposes.
Do not share these with anybody; they are custom made just for you! 
We maintain the right to refuse to supply a product for any reason we deem necessary.
Nothing here is 'off the shelf',
as such you must accept that Custom made items take time to make,

Any 'styles' mentioned from TV or films are designs 'inspired by' and will not be exact reproductions and no copyright is intended.  
The final product depends greatly on the size and shape of your real teeth (the teeth casts you provide) and what we are able to create around them.

Repairs can be made if they only snap in 2 and will incur a repair fee, the fit may be slightly different when you get the veneer back, due to the method needed to fix them.
If necessary, a new set of teeth casts may be needed if longer than a year since ordering them.

The prices shown on this site are what i think are reasonable for the work involved.
they do not represent 'Industry rates'.
Basic Design veneers represent the 'budget range', they are at the minimum cost needed and will take longer.
if you have specific deadlines or design requirements, then these may be subject to additional charges.
Should adjustments be needed when you first receive the veneer, this can be done but we need the product sent back (at your cost) and we will endeavour to rectify the issue and return it ASAP
For priority Orders (a faster service), additional fees may be added, basic costs are included to send out the teeth casting kit AND the finished item ONCE ONLY! 
ALL goods are sent to the address on your Paypal payment initially (unless otherwise notified by email) then from the personal details sheet you send back with the teeth casts, if the address you supply to send the product to is wrong (or incomplete) then it may cost more to re-ship them.
As a minimum, all finished goods are sent on a 'signed for' service.
We are not responsible for delays by your postal service, but tracking numbers will be available on request.
If the item is returned uncollected from your local postal depot etc, it will cost me and likely you more to get it redelivered, so make sure your details are correct and complete, changes MUST be confirmed via email!
(For teeth orders) Unless you can send a proper dental cast, you will get sent a DIY teeth casting kit mailed to you.  You MUST confirm via email that they are ok to ship back.
When you send your teeth casts back to me, you MUST ONLY use your domestic Mail provider, i.e. USPS.
A tracked service is always advised. 
Your casts are literally worthless, please DO NOT write more than $1 (ONE dollar, etc) on the customs form.
If you do, then there may be additional charges passed on to you, which shouldn't happen.
DO NOT use a carrier like FedEx or UPS!!!
  If you do, you WILL definitely incur charges which MUST be passed back to the customer.
The instructions i send are important, they MUST BE FOLLOWED!

People with any bad teeth and gums, loose caps or crowns or fillings etc. MUST ALWAYS consult a dentist before ordering these or any other fangs.  Your teeth and gums must be in good condition before you try to wear any fake teeth!   We are not dentists and cannot offer any advice, treatment or consultation with reference to your real teeth.   The teeth casting process has proved quite safe but DO NOT ignore the above and you MUST follow the instructions!
If in doubt, visit your dentist and get them to make a dental plaster teeth cast which you can send to me or at your own risk, use a home teeth impression kit.

Much like any adult product, these need to be handled carefully and responsibly.
We will NOT make teeth for anyone under the age of 16.   This is not a cheap fancy dress product, they can be fragile and must be handled properly!

If we suspect the casts are from someone under 16 we will be asking for photo ID, etc...
Ordering for someone under 16 and getting caught out, will result in the order being abandoned and any monies paid will be forfeit.

As these Teeth are custom made, if the work has been started, refunds will not be considered.
As part of the distance selling regulations, you would normally have 14 days to change your mind for a refund.  Nearly everything i do though is custom made and NOT subject to the same cooling off period.
If there is a problem with the teeth once made, we do our best to rectify the issue but as above, refunds cannot be considered once the work has been completed.

Where work has not been properly started, IF we consider a refund, a reasonable fee will be deducted for costs  already incurred and at no time will any shipping be included in a refund.
Likewise, time is valuable and so it is also chargeable.  i.e. a lot of messages etc. so this will be taken into account with any deductions.
Orders where the teeth cast has not been returned for over a year (especially with no contact from the customer), will also be declared abandoned and any monies paid will be forfeit.
The deposit scheme is there for your convenience and payments are expected regularly but
should you wish to abandon your order half way through paying, it is likely no money will be refunded
, especially if it is very old and has been marked as abandoned after 3-6 months with no contact.

By placing an order with HobbyFX you are stating you have read the above (we WILL check this) and agree to the terms, conditions and information provided.
You also agree that HobbyFX will not be held accountable in any way for your use or misuse of these products.  Disclaimers are on all of the paperwork, ignorance is no excuse

1.   What does Basic, Standard or Detailed mean?

Standard teeth, Most (Upper OR lower) sets on the website fall into this category. 
are the budget option.  this option allows a little more creativity and this is also for the people that want to make modifications to the basic sets.
These are the Standard Cost of the teeth i make
Lower sets are available IF you can provide a really good teeth cast, please contact me for details

They look realistic from a short distance away and are kept as thin as practical but because of that, they suffer with a lack of close-up detail :(
They are really the next step up from the usual cheap plastic fancy dress fang caps like Scarecrow/vampfangs/Dental distortion etc
Vampire fangs and the Kitten fangs are These are the SAME PRODUCT with just a different name)

Detailed / Movie Quality - These are the top product i offer.  but you WILL need to send me a full mouth cast from your dentist for this option.
This option allows me full control to be a lot more creative and allows more complex teeth designs to be made, see the section below  :)
The DIY cast cannot be used with this option.
as you might expect, these take more time and materials to make and as such these are a lot better than the budget options.

the quality level is not related to the style.  ALL FANGS are available in BOTH Quality Options
these quality option, depending on how complex the design is, can allow ne yto make almost anything!  NOT JUST FANGS

What are veneers?

A veneer is basically a shell which sits over the front of your real teeth. It is about 1-2mm thick and covers approx. 8 - 10 teeth.

The veneer doesn't need anything to attach it to your real teeth.  It is made of a rigid material and will clip into the grooves between your real teeth.
Due to the nature of mail order, we send some additional material with the fangs to fill in any loose areas but generally it won't be needed.

Anything that goes inside your teeth will definitely affect your speech so we make our teeth to fit on the outside.  You may still have some speech issues until you've practised a bit as you will not be used to having fangs etc in your mouth.
Fangs, for instance, cause issues with F's... go figure!

To maintain realism, the actual fangs and teeth may sit slightly forward of your real teeth and unless specifically requested, the shape may be slightly different than your real teeth..
To make the veneer teeth fit perfectly over your own, we would have to increase the size of the individual teeth and this could make your teeth look....goofy? strange etc.

The Budget sets are also low on surface detail, normally this isn't an issue, most people think they look real anyway but to make them more detailed, makes them thicker...
i can do this but much like the 'normal' teeth, its a different process, more work for me and as such, costs more.   
the basic fangs to a fixed design are just that, should you have specific design requirements these need to be discussed first so a proper quote can be issued.

Do you need a cast of my teeth?

Yes, we do.

An accurate cast of your teeth is the single MOST IMPORTANT part of this process!!!
What i WANT and would prefer to work from is either a plaster study mould of your Upper AND Lower teeth (Made via your dentist)   
you can just get Upper AND Lower Silicone impressions made by your dentist and send those to me.  probably a cheaper option (NOT Alginate though as they will shrink in the mail)
This is what they should look like (note its the teeth AND the gums... just the teeth won't do)


      !!For the Detailed/Professional quality option this type of cast is a necessity!!

However, for the Standard option teeth, we have an easy DIY kit that 'should' be good enough... and unless you let me know otherwise, one will be sent out when we receive your order  (and you have replied to the confirmation email)

You'll need half an hour, a mirror and a mug of hot water !
(The kit with full instructions is issued free with these orders) 

    You MUST follow the instructions provided and SEND WHAT I ASK FOR!!!

NEW!  Dental Impressions Kit is available in my ETSY SHOP listings !!!
     Teeth casting like the dentist would make and A LOT MORE ACCURATE  ;)

For NON-UK customers outside Europe... when sending back your teeth casts, either the kit ones or your dentist ones:

As per the instructions in the paperwork you will receive, it is IMPORTANT that you DO NOT write the full order value on the customs label, the teeth casts are literally worthless so only write ONE DOLLAR etc on the label.
otherwise it will get an import fee and that will be passed on to you or most likely, i will refuse it and it gets sent back to you to do properly!
 DO NOT USE A CARRIER LIKE FedEx or UPS !!!!  or you WILL get a bill for the import fees!

Some people take a long time to send the teeth casts back, generally this is not a problem.
So long as you let me know if there is going to be a long delay when sending them back, its ok. 

What if i already have a cast of my teeth?

If it's a recent Dental Mouth Cast (6-12 months) then it will will likely speed things up!
Especially for an international customer as shipping times can vary.
A dental mouth cast will be made from plaster likely or you may have SILICONE impressions of your teeth.  send me pictures if you need to confirm its ok to use.
Your invisilign tray DOES NOT count as a teeth cast!
However, a mouth guard may be useful as it is usually a really good impression of the teeth.

The DIY kit i usually send is included for convenience and i do not discount if you have your own dental cast.   My process requires that i duplicate your cast anyway!

If you have a specific order that needs to be highly accurate, a proper dental cast is essential...

 NEW!  Dental Impressions Kit is available in my ETSY SHOP listings !!!
     Teeth casting like the dentist would make and A LOT MORE ACCURATE  ;)

Lower Teeth?

Lower teeth are doable however they are generally a bit harder to make than uppers and getting them to fit will need an accurate cast of the teeth to work from.
it should be noted that having 2 veneers in the mouth will affect your speech and although with practise, you should be able to learn to talk around them, it will take time.
We only really recommend having lowers where a you desire a particular effect or character look.
should you be interested in lowers, please contact me first  :)

Will they make my top lip stick out? 

A little.  BUT ALL FANGS WILL!  We try to keep the veneer as thin as possible to minimise this but it does add a couple of mm to the front of your teeth.
Remember, if you are portraying a monster, your teeth are meant to be on show!  ;)
Even if you are ordering 'Normal Teeth veneers' you are adding something extra to the front of your teeth so be aware of this.

Something to consider...  watch ANY vampire film etc, 99% of the time you can tell there is something foreign in the actors mouth (even the Hollywood ones).

Also, you will notice it more than other people will.  You're wearing fangs; that's what others will see!

From a film perspective, we'd actually recommend 2 sets, the usual thin but low detail veneer for talking and then the detailed 'close-up' set for the bite scenes.
this is something that's often overlooked, with actors struggling to talk when they shouldn't have to!


HobbyFX can be found on Etsy, Facebook, DeviantArt, Instagram, Fetlife, Tumblr  etc. 
I love to engage with my customers and whilst social media is great for general conversations...

    EMAIL is ALWAYS  my PRIMARY  form of communication where orders are concerned!
if you use the contact form on this page, you will get an email response from me usually within a few days.  do not send a 'bump' email for at least a week!
if you place an order, you will get a confirmation email from me and this MUST be replied to.
That confirmation email is an added security measure which ensure i have more contact than just the payment email.  you MUST 'REPLY' from the account i send the email to!
If you wish to enquire as to the status of your order... EMAIL is the best option  :)

 However, please be aware i only use OFFLINE email and don't get notifications on my phone.

Can i eat with my fangs?

NO, there are ZERO fake teeth on the market that you should try eating with!
Some people will say they can and there are even some sellers that will say you can but frankly, they are following an
UNSAFE practise by saying that.
Unless a 'denture' has been made by your dentist specifically for that purpose then

its NOT SAFE to try eating with ANY fake teeth.
You may be able to bite a little tho ;)

Are there Age restrictions for the fangs?


It is a mandatory requirement that the BUYER and (if different) the INTENDED WEARER of the teeth products i make, are OVER 16 YEARS OF AGE !
Even if an adult orders the product for someone who is under-age, we will notice this when we get your teeth casts back!  We can tell a lot from a persons teeth, like rough age....
If the teeth casts we receive appear to be from someone under age, we will be asking for checkable ID to ensure they are over 16.
If it proves they are NOT OVER 16, the order will be abandoned and all monies paid will be forfeit.... You have been warned, if the Buyer or the Wearer is NOT over 16, DO NOT order the teeth or fangs on this website!
!!  These rules exist for a very good reason, please respect that !!

Can you make something just for me?

Yes we can.  Please use the Contact Us page and we will get back to you ASAP.

Custom Made veneers are subject to quotation but currently start at £130 (plus P&P).
Please include as much information as possible, especially if these are for a particular event. 

Recent commissions include Gold Plated Pirate Teeth, a full Werewolf set, several Klingon and Austin Powers style teeth. 

Double sets (top AND bottom teeth ordered at the same time) normally get a 25% discount for the 2nd set, even though lowers are often more difficult to make.
CAUTION - Lower sets generally do not fit quite as well as the top sets, obviously its not possible to do a personal fitting via mail order so the small packet of thermoplastic included with every set is likely to be needed.
The lower jaw motion is complicated and the fangs will clash when you move the lower jaw sideways, these are great for costumes but not so good for long term wear as the bottom WILL interfere with speech as most of your mouth actions are lower jaw based.
how much is impossible to say, it varies depending on the person and how big the teeth are but practise is always the key! 

NEW!  Dental Impressions Kit is available in my ETSY SHOP listings !!!
     Teeth casting like the dentist would make and A LOT MORE ACCURATE  ;)

I don't live in the UK, can you still do them?

YES!  Many of our customers are outside the UK.  There are higher shipping charges for international customers; Kits and the finished items are always sent via a tracked method as we have had problems with the postal services in other countries.   is a good place to check the current exchange rates

or click this link!  How to use google to see the cost in YOUR currency!

As a rough guide though for NON-UK Basic Fangs £99GBP + shipping (£114GBP)

if you ask me "how much are they in $USD etc...  i will ONLY guide you back to the website to follow the links above!
You have the internet at your fingertips, make use of it before asking things answered on this page!
alternatively, you should be able to see my work in your currency by finding HobbyFX on Etsy

What do you mean by Movie Quality Teeth?

Most of the teeth on this website are meant as the Budget range.
They look realistic from a short distance away and are kept as thin as possible but because of that, they suffer with a lack of close-up detail :(

All of my teeth are hand made using professional methods with Dental Quality Acrylics.

The other character teeth are a little more complex and the price reflects that, but close-up they are still very low on close-up details.

So, much like you see in the Films (movies) and your fave TV shows, with those specific shots that have the camera really close in to the action.... a specialist set of teeth is required.
This is a very different and time intensive method of making the veneers but it allows us to add a LOT of detail and improve on the overall design of the set.
Costs range from £150 to £250 per veneer but almost anything is possible to make using this method :)

Contact us for more information!
check out the new Movie Quality Teeth page on the tab on the left

Can you make 'Hollywood Smile' teeth?

I prefer not to call them that, i make NORMAL TEETH Veneers using the lightest tooth shade generally available. 
The hollywood ones are frankly not very realistic, they are unnaturally white and often quite blocky in appearance giving a horse teeth effect.  when you see those teeth on films etc, think about the thousands the actors spent to get that look before comparing them to your own, or a veneer.

i make an upper cover-up veneer so they look like normal healthy teeth.  they are made to look natural in your mouth but if needed, i can change the size/shape of the teeth used in the veneer to a certain degree.  i can also tweak the colour so they are a little whiter than normal tooth shade.
Normal teeth are available in Standard or Detailed options.
NEW!  Dental Impressions Kit is available in my ETSY SHOP listings !!!
     Teeth casting like the dentist would make and A LOT MORE ACCURATE  ;)

i think your teeth are expensive... can you make them cheaper?

Really?  I DONT do fancy dress and I can assure you they aren't expensive for the FX Industry!
The diagram below is generally for FX makeup purposes but it relates to any art...

Most FX Make-up artists i know wont compromise....GOOD has to be one of your choices!

Remember, these aren't a cheap fancy dress product, they are very similar to what you would see in your favourite TV show/film!
Many studios pay for absolute perfection and they DO pay a LOT more than i charge.
that's not to say I'm making an inferior product, just something that is more affordable to everybody that doesn't have a huge budget.
if you can afford £300 - £600 GBP for a set like I'm making here for less than half that, you go for it!    i charge what its worth to me and not necessarily 'industry rates'

scarecrow teeth are good to a point but why not invest in a set that actually looks like real teeth, especially if like me and many others, your real teeth aren't perfect...?

Remember there is a Deposit scheme on here so you can spread the cost out as much as you need  :)

Are you a dentist?

i am a special effects makeup artist and i personally just have a thing for weird teeth.

 At no point in this process do i hold myself out to be doing anything that is "usually performed by dentists".  Even in person i operate on a solely hands off basis, meaning i will not touch your mouth for any reason whatsoever.
These are not a medical device, these are solely a novelty theatrical device.
The definition of a dental medical appliance: A custom made appliance, made to an exacting specification, based on the written prescription, from a Medical or Dental Professional

Excerpts from the UK Dentist Act 1984, Part IV Restrictions on Practice of Dentistry and on Carrying on Business of Dentistry, the practice of dentistry, Section 37 Definition of practice of dentistry.
(1)For the purposes of this Act, the practice of dentistry shall be deemed to include the performance of any such operation and the giving of any such treatment, advice or attendance as is usually performed or given by dentists; and any person who performs any operation or gives any treatment, advice or attendance on or to any person as preparatory to or for the purpose of or in connection with the fitting, insertion or fixing of dentures, artificial teeth or other dental appliances shall be deemed to have practised dentistry within the meaning of this Act.
(meaning caps, crowns, cosmetic veneers, dentures etc, that you would expect to get fitted by your dentist)

If you would prefer to deal with a specialised, film industry, dental professional (and are willing to pay their very expensive prices for the absolute perfection it buys you), i would be happy to point you in the right direction

Do you do colour matching?

With the veneers, we have found this is generally unnecessary. 
The dental acrylic we use is Shade A1, a standard colour used in most dentures and suits 99% of people.  Colour differences between the top veneer and real bottom teeth will not be really noticeable unless your bottom set is very discoloured (or very bright) , we can accommodate this if needed (for additional cost.

Should a custom set need colouring for effect, we can do this for an additional charge

Do you make fang 'caps'?

This site offers something that is generally cheaper than caps(especially multiple fangs) and more scope for overall realism.
however... YES we could do them.  The appliance we make will need to have a small bridge behind the teeth for stability
and prices start at £140GBP  (+ shipping) depending on both complexity and what your natural teeth look like?

The issue here is we MUST HAVE  an Accurate dental cast of your teeth to work from.

Your dentist will also be able to provide you with the relevant tooth shade information, so we can match the colour of your fangs to your real teeth!

IMPORTANT - we believe that fang caps only really look good if you have good and quite straight teeth, so to that end, IF we are willing, it'll only be on approval after seeing a clear picture of your real teeth

I have piercings in my mouth, is that an issue?

if you have the fraenum pierced (the little flap of skin that joins the gum to the top lip), then that WILL be an issue with wearing a veneer.
Piercings in other places in the lip will depend on where they are, at the minimum, they may push your lip out even further...
with so many different piercing locations, its difficult to offer advice...

How long does it take before i get my fangs?

This depends...  if you are buying my cheapest 'Basic veneers' then the waiting time is quite long.  please bear in mind that i work alone and during busy times (which seems to be quite often), it is not unusual for an order to take 12+ weeks (AFTER i receive the teeth casts back).
ALL times relate to AFTER i get your teeth casts back!
Please be aware that if you are not paying for the priority service, then the queue length is entirely dependant on the amount of work i have here.  if i'm really busy  (i.e. in the 4 months up to halloween), then queue times are extremely variable, no matter when the casts were received!
and don't forget, teeth are just a PART of what i do...

HOWEVER, for those of you who are willing to pay a more realistic price for a faster service,  please see the box just below for PRIORITY SERVICE orders :)

i use Royal Mail for all shipping...  postal delays are always a risk but
UK shipping times are obviously a lot quicker, 1 or 2 days generally once the item is mailed and usually 1st Class Recorded or Special Delivery by 1pm in some cases.

International: Teeth casting kits are normally sent standard airmail, delivery aim 5-10 days.

Finished orders are sent via Royal Mail's International Tracked and Signed Service and
 can take 5-10 days to most countries...

If you are waiting for your order, it will be finished and sent out ASAP, just please bear with me :)  This is why i have introduced the priority fees, if you are willing to pay, you can have them faster!

This is probably quite similar for most artists, we WANT to spend all our time being creative, BUT the realities of life are that there is A LOT MORE to running a business.
When you go to work, consider you are doing just ONE job.
Here i do ALL the jobs!  :(

                            !!!!!     PRIORITY ORDERS     !!!!!

The prices shown on this site are reasonable for the work involved but they do not represent 'Industry rates' which are often a LOT higher cost.
Standard Basic Design veneers represent the 'budget range', other sets and options are available for additional cost.

For priority and  faster service, additional fees may be added, basic costs are normally included to send out the teeth casting kit with normal mail AND the finished item ONCE ONLY using the cheapest tracked method
(for the teeth)  to ensure safe delivery and keep costs down so please make sure i have the correct postal address!

If you require your order faster then there are options:

                                         PRIORITY SERVICE UPGRADE
An additional £75 cost. As soon as i receive the teeth casts they are added to the current batch being worked on and both the Kit and Finished product is shipped on a 5-10 day tracked service. 
This is a SERVICE upgrade, NOT a Shipping upgrade
the turnaround time (casts received to shipping the order) is generally about 3-5 weeks currently
EXAMPLE -  basic fangs cost £99GBP, plus £75 fee, PLUS shipping

                                ABSOLUTE PRIORITY SERVICE
An additional £100 cost gets- Both the kit and finished teeth are sent on a 5-10 day tracked service and your order is worked on as soon as the casts come in the door, above all other work.

the turnaround time (casts received to shipping the order) could be less than a week!
EXAMPLE -  basic fangs cost £99 plus £100 fee PLUS shipping

 in extreme cases i can send goods out on a 2-3 days international tracked and signed for service, however, this is a very expensive way to send even small goods.
the additional cost of this service is £50GBP, little wonder i have only ever used it twice!

*prices are rounded up for convenience. times quoted are approximate and should not be taken as absolute.
all times
depend on prompt mail delivery and you returning the completed teeth casting kit ASAP!
** THE ABOVE TIMES WILL NOT APPLY in the 2 months before HALLOWEEN **


What if I've broken them, can they be repaired?

Our process ensures we keep a copy of your teeth for approx ONE YEAR for repairs and repeat orders so if you do break them, we can repair them.  Send them back in the supplied container.
There is a nominal fee of £25 for this service which includes the return shipping

This only applies if the broken teeth are in 2 pieces!

Your tooth casts remain on file for at least a year.  After this time, a new cast may be required to account for changes in your teeth but we will advise if this is necessary.

Do you offer any Discounts?

The Standard Budget Quality price for teeth work is £130GBP but there is always a discount for the Basic Upper Vampire and Basic Kitten teeth.  These are offered at a discounted price of £99GBP
Detailed / Film Quality work starts at £180GBP
We always try to offer a discount for multiple orders (for the same person)  or if multiple sets are going to the same address etc  but it does depend what you are ordering... Basic Sets, Standard design sets or something more complex... ?

We do have a deposit scheme (Lay-away) to help spread the cost out if paying the full price at once is difficult.  details on the tab to the left  :)

Special offers are available occasionally, and discounted sets, but please do not expect to get the discount AND spread that cost out at the same time!  It's Discount OR Spread the cost!

"Can i get a free set, it'd be great advertising for you!"

NO you cant!
this is how i make my living and it would be more beneficial to me to be able to pay the bills!
All artists suffer from this query as people don't realise the work that goes into creating art.
Yes, we love getting our work shown to more people but will you go into work tomorrow and tell your boss you'll do a day for free as it'd be a great way to show your love for the business? ...No, i didn't think so.
EVERYONE has bills to pay!


Each year i do pick a few enthusiastic people that are willing to be my ambassadors.
i pick those people VERY carefully.
For instance, most of them have YouTube / Facebook / Instagram accounts, with a lot of video's that relate to Makeup, Larp, Horror etc... they'll also be quite popular and have a LOT of followers etc...

feel free to show interest and i'll go check out your stuff (IF you send me all of the links i need), but i'm not going to send you a set for a 'free review', when paying customers ARE already doing this!  

If you want something for nothing, go away!
if you make an order and use it to promote the hell out of my work, i WILL notice this and i love to reward customers that are really willing to help me grow this business  :)

Full Dentures with Fangs ???

Several people have been in contact about a denture set with fangs...

The answer is MAYBE, quite happy to try but no-one has taken me up on the offer yet :(

We need to get a full cast of your existing dentures, that is the main issue, or i need to utilise a spare set you may have...?

IF you are UK based, this will be a lot easier. the main issue is that i need a highly accurate copy of your existing denture.  if you have a spare denture or are able to produce your own cast, its possible.  i need to create an exact duplicate and make the necessary additions, this way, the appliance i send you will be trimmed the same as your current set for comfort :)
FULL Denture Fangs will not be like your real ones, you must not eat with them, they MUST only be for cosmetic purposes as they are not a medical device! i am not a dentist and as such cannot make dentures for 24/7 use!
cost will be approx £220 for this service (+shipping and other costs if necessary)

this is NOT available if you do not have an existing denture!!!

i am always willing to try if you are happy to accept the above 


We want you to be happy with your teeth and if you have any problems, please contact us.

Due to the 'custom' nature of this product and the large amount of work involved in producing the teeth... refunds are NOT possible once the work has been started, however we will try to rectify the problem, even producing replacement sets if needed.

Please bear in mind that the times quoted are very rough estimations and depending on the workload i currently have, are extremely flexible.

on placing an order, you will get an email confirmation from me (WHICH YOU MUST REPLY TO) and a teeth casting kit is then sent out, if you don't get the kit in a reasonable time, please let me know by clicking REPLY to the email so i can send another! 
if i don't know there's an issue, i cant rectify it :(

also, should it be necessary to cancel an order before the kit even arrives, we reserve the right to deduct a small fee to cover costs already incurred.

Do you make claws?

YES !!!  Please check out the WEB-SHOP page :)

I have a product i call "FlexiClaws"  these are made from a semi flexible rubber and as such, are great for LARP, Halloween and cosplay etc because you are less likely to hurt yourself or others with them.
Each pack is supplied with 12-14 claws (giving you more choice on sizing and spares) and come with a small piece of sandpaper, a tube of nail glue and full instructions!
The only thing we can't supply due to shipping regulations is the acetone (Nail varnish remover) so that, you have to provide yourself.

These have proved to be a popular product and new (and improved) styles are due to be released soon!  :)

How are the Prosthetics attached and removed?

Prosthetic Masks etc are easy to apply and remove given time and practise. Two adhesives are listed below and it is recommended a proper remover is also used.  In practise, it will take a minimum of an hour to apply even a simple piece and apply the correct make-up to blend it seamlessly with the skin.

A good tip with foam latex pieces is to apply Red as the first layer as this will give the impression of blood under the skin. If this is not done, the piece will look very flat when captured on film and stands out. 

We are currently producing our own designs and these will be added to the site as soon as they are ready.
mostly these are normal slip latex and gelatine or silicone.

Spirit Gum is never recommended, its just not strong enough for most professional prosthetic pieces and is NEVER used in the industry.

Pros-aide is the film industry standard if a piece is going to be worn for an extended period.
Snappy-G or Telesis are names of really good and strong adhesives for prosthetic use.

Removers for the above are compulsory.  Removal is not a quick process either, time and care must be taken not to hurt yourself or your actor etc.
A cotton bud or small brush, soaked in remover and slowly worked under the piece will give good results and ensure the piece is usable for another time!

 However, be aware that the edges will suffer as prosthetics are only ever meant to be one-time use pieces, unless made for theatre use and have thicker edges.

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