Custom Made Vampire Fangs, Character Teeth and SFX makeup

Professional Movie Quality Teeth

Most of the other teeth on this website are meant to be the budget option.
(Veneer style teeth that from a short distance, look pretty good!  in a filming environment we would suggest they are great for general shots)
but for the close-ups etc, you'd need something a little more specialized...

However, we are able to produce Film Quality Teeth Veneers.
These are made with a different and more involved process which allows us to incorporate a lot of detail or make significant design improvements.
As such, these are a more expensive option but the old saying of you get what you pay for always applies!

Price generally start at around £170GBP as an example only

Here are some recent examples...

Werewolf Teeth

Orang-utan Teeth for ITV's Keith Lemon show

IMATS 2014 demonstration set - Klingon Style Upper veneers


Sample Vampire Fangs

Sample Knocked out tooth Effect


 A 30 Days of Night Style set of teeth

Normal "Hollywood Smile" style teeth