Custom Made Vampire Fangs, Character Teeth and SFX makeup


I think everybody will agreee that 2020 has proved to be one of the most challenging years in recent memory  :(
I can't believe it has been 2 years since i last updated this page :(

there have been some massive changes in my lafe over the last 12 months, firstly i split up with my fiance and we had to leave our rented house, due to the landlord wanting to sell up.  so... a huge change to my living situation and then, just as i was starting to make headway, this blasted Coronavirus thin decided to hit us all.
As you can imagine, with so many restrictions and not being able to go and enjoy the things which make life fun, my mental health has taken a serious knock  :(

i AM still here and trying to work on things as much as possible but i have to be honest, there's no way i can promise any specific times for teeth products at the moment.
I am also very aware that i am annoying a lot of people with the long wait they've had for their orders and i sincerely apologise for this.
August 2018
The product known as my 'Basic Quality' veneers, currently offered at a heavily discounted SALE PRICE, is due to end soon!
All items on sale must by definition not be on sale at some point ...��
To be absolutely clear, I am NOT stopping making fangs
and I AM NOT raising any of the teeth prices!! ☺️

I have been offering my fangs and character teeth in 3 different "quality levels" for a while, they are:
*Basic - (LOW quality version of the standard sets) - fixed 'basic' design fangs at a discounted price - no customisation!
**Standard - GOOD quality (standard 'budget' level price) character teeth and fangs - partly customisable work.
***Detailed - professional level, BEST Quality 'almost anything is possible', fully customisable character teeth and fangs work. (Premium price)

As my business evolves, I need to offer more and better products and try to keep my waiting times at a lower level to give a better service!
So I really need to make some big changes!
As an artist, I also need to grow (to keep me from going insane) and so the decision has been made to discontinue the lowest quantity teeth option I make >>> once the current listings run out.<<<
in the Standard or Detailed Quality options!****
As well as an awful lot more teeth styles!
And there's always the Deposit Scheme to help spread the full cost if needed...? ��
Both of these options now also have a cost option for a NEW Dental Impressions kit I've created (at least they do on Etsy).
Its much more accurate than the old DIY teeth casting kit and is neccessary for the Detailed option! ��

I know a lot of you have loved my "Basic (LOW) Quality" work in the past but I am capable of so much more... and the proper priced work will give you a
so please respect, as an artist and as a business I need to make some changes and do this! ��
Also, i have some new promoters on board now so keep an eye out for their work!
January 2018

Wow, its actually been quite a while since i updated this section of the website but better late than never!
Up to Halloween 2017 i put in a LOT of overtime and managed to get an awful of of the backlog of orders made and sent out, over 120 orders in total!
this means that thankfully, barring a few older ones still outstanding, the current work queue has been reduced 
i think it is about half what it previously was and i'm keen to keep it that way too, if possible!
If you were worried about the waiting time before making an order, now is a really good time whilst it's still fairly quiet, before the halloween rush starts again!
in other news, there is a lot of work in progress to add dozens of new items to the Etsy shop, there are horns, ears, wound prosthetics, masks and many many other ideas i'll be adding as soon as possible.

As for teeth work, i'll be trying to promote the higher quality work more as i think some people don't understand the different options... There are the 'Standard' price veneers, the discounted 'Basics' and the Film quality 'Detailed' sets...
Most other fangsmiths offer just one quality option with different styles, i offer several quality options with almost any style you can think of.  i.e. the blade doubles are a style, but they are available in at least 4 different quality options,
depending on your budget or requirements!

We are also working to bring a Dental Mouth Impression kit out as an additional option, for getting professional style teeth casts to work from. This is a response to so many people struggling to be able to get one from a dentist.  For lower teeth and some of the higher quality options in the shop, this is also a necessity as the usual DIY kit was only ever meant to be an 'okay' option as it is generally not 100% accurate enough for intricate work.

So, some big changes already and lots more planned for 2018!!! 
May 2016
A few changes have been put in place to try and tackle the ever growing waiting time issue and these are starting to take effect but are taking a while to filter through the whole system so bear with me.
Busy is an understatement!  i seem to be really popular but there is only ever me to do the work (and i do more than just teeth!).  when i started this 6 years ago, the wait time from when i get the teeth casts back was 3-6 weeks, these days its nearer 10-20 weeks!
If you want them sooner though, you can always pay the Priority fee to get faster service!
Shipping charges are going to be rising slightly soon, this is to upgrade the kit shipping to a tracked service too  :)

1st January 2016
Happy New Year!
As previously notified, changes are happening to improve my services.
the pricing has been updated here and in my Etsy shop.
More products are in development so they will be added soon.
aside from the teeth work, there are several film projects on the books already, this obviously has an impact on times (like everything else) but we are confident that its all doable.
Roll on 2016, i think its going to be a good and busy one!  :)
October 2015

Time flies and i always forget to update this section of the website  :(
Due to very high demand for my teeth work, there are some big changes coming to this website soon!  it is EXTREMELY busy currently, trying to get all the halloween orders made and sent in time so replies to messages will likely be delayed  :(
The deposit scheme will always be an option but, the price of the basic fangs will be rising slightly, to £99GBP (plus shipping).  Basic fangs are kept at a discounted price as standard, if you want a cheap product, the flip side is they take a long time....
Other prices will be simplified to make quoting easier and hopefully we'll be able to make  this website properly viewable on a mobile device!  i have only just upgraded to a smart phone, i was previously unaware how badly it displays on a phone  :(
Changes (after halloween):
Basic upper fangs will be just that!  i always chose the normal teeth, based on the size of your real ones. but you'll have a choice of the 5 basic styles and 3 lengths.
anything extra "can you just do this to them etc..." will be classed as a standard veneer.
Basic fangs will be £99 (*plus shipping)
Standard Upper veneers (inc budget normal teeth, pirate, demon etc) will be £130*
Detailed upper veneers will be £170*
other custom styles (and/or lower sets) will still be quoted on an individual basis though.
The approximate waiting times will be posted for each option but you can always upgrade to the Priority Service.  if you are willing to pay me a fairer price for my work, you'll be able to get your product faster!

August 2014
73 days until Halloween and the first deadline is upon us! :(

July 2014
you'll probably notice i dont update this site much but it is active and my only website until i can get the time to finish off the brand new website that is coming! is live but you can only make orders and enquiries through THIS WEBSITE:)

Things are starting to get busy around here as halloween is 100 days away (at the time of writing this).  remember to get those orders in ASAP if you NEED them for halloween!

April 2014
There is still much to do to get this and the new website up and running properly but as i approach the end of my 4th year doing this as my job, things are getting better!
The Halloween season is fast approaching too, so we are trying to get everything outstanding up to date and sorted before the madness begins again  :)
Remember, its just me doing everything here.  Running a business is hard and there is hell of a lot more to do than just making teeth and prosthetics so any orders are best placed early than waiting until the last minute.

Thank you to all of my customers that have supported us over the years and we look forward to more great adventures in the future  :) 


August 2013

 doesn't time fly...  almost a year since i updated this section :(

more house moves but better for it!
i have new workspaces sorted out and we are getting a lot more work done and sent out.
i am making good headway on clearing the backlog and will soon be able to reduce the turnaround time from when i get the teeth casts back!  :)
Prices have just been raised slightly, sorry, but it had to happen with increasing material costs etc but i have new techniques and updated methods to implement and it will allow me to offer a better service overall and help to get all the other items that are in the works out quicker.
The new webshop is also coming soon, lots of different products and it has the ability to show prices in several different currencies as standard!

more soon!  :)

September 2012

We're working at full speed here at HobbyFX to get all the orders we can, up to date and out in time for halloween, so if you are waiting, please dont worry, your order is getting done ASAP

in April 2012, the Royal Mail increased prices by 40%.
i have held off increasing mine as long as i can but have been losing money on the shipping of each order....
so whilst i will endeavour to keep the cost of the teeth the same, my shipping costs are going to rise...      sorry but i have to :(

 the shipping increase will happen after halloween as i am far too busy at the moment to do more than a quick update here...


June 2012

 HobbyFX is still here and we are growing (slowly)  :)
we've just entered our 3rd year in business and there are lots of new things coming soon!
Primarily it's my business but HobbyFX works on a co-operative basis and with new artists contributing and new projects in the works, the future is bright :D

new products will be added to this site soon but there will also be a dedicated shop for our prosthetic work too... 

this site will remain as and the other fx work will be under

 a number of people has notified me that paypal is throwing up an error message with my invoices???  if this happens to you, please let me know and i'll sort out another method 


thank you all for the interest in mine and my friends work!  :D


November 2011

People keep asking if i'm still in business, the answer is a big fat YES! :D
(this section just always seems to get updated last...)

Its a long slog and i'm still having some issues with depression and things are taking longer than they should but i AM working on that!

Unfortunately, with a death in the close family, things haven't been easy but i'm getting better slowly!


The team i'm building here is growing, we have a lot of talent to offer and there are some great things coming soon...

Whilst the teeth side is just me, there are now 4 or 5 others working in close collaboration with HobbyFX to enable us to offer a more comprehensive product range 

and the big news....

We have our first fully funded film!
So lots of Zombie goodness coming in 2012!

We are having a stand and co-sponsoring
The Paintiopia Face and Body Painting Festival in May 2012

There is now a WebShop on the site, this will eventually migrate over to it's own Shop and this site will remain as


February 2011

things are much improved and i'm back to work with a vengence!
slowly building a small team and we've got loads of great projects in the works too!

January 2011

Suffering with depression a bit but have plenty of new stuff in the works.
bear with me people and i'll have updates soon... :)

June 2010

Bram Stoker International Film Festival


March 2010

Thanks to some lovely people on YouTube for their video's.  Look out for more to come soon...!

Work is currently in progress for more prosthetic pieces.  we are planning on a range of 'hard to find elsewhere' products in latex, gelatine or silicone.

We will soon be doing a collaberation with a great horror/fantasy photographer and an amazing body painter and hopefully loads more!

 If you are a fan of True Blood... did you know there is an officially endorsed 'Fangtasia' club in london.  this i'm checking out asap!  

back soon for more updates....


Jan 2010

check out the video's page for brand new customer review video's

There are several up now and they are proving popular, thanks guys!


Feb 2009

 'Slay Angels' webisodes to be released early 2009 will be using FX teeth supplied by HobbyFX!

 Award-winning Florida based husband-and-wife producers, Sam and Barbara Siragusa are currently filming what could become a blockbuster series on the Web. Called "Slay Angels," the series follows the fortunes of Raine and Scarlet and their struggles to overcome demons, vampires and other forces of evil.

this series is on hold at the moment and waiting for further news.

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and of course    for THIS site! 

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