Custom Made Vampire Fangs, Character Teeth and SFX makeup

Normal (Non fanged) teeth



these are examples of some of the Basic Cover-up sets.
For more detailed work, PICTURES WILL BE UPDATED SOON...

i have 2 main options available (assuming i have already confirmed/advised based on your  'real teeth' pictures*)
you MUST contact me before attempting to order either of these styles, and have pictures ready to email showing the state and condition of your Real teeth.
as usual, please read the FAQ / Disclaimers first
For most things, the DIY teeth casting kit is good enough but if you are able to supply a proper dental teeth cast, then that is preferred as it is much more accurate.
The Standard Budget Veneer, Upper Veneer.     (like the pics above)
Custom Made to a standard design and these are £130GBP per set*£15 shipping
 they are a basic cover-up set, made using 'similar' sized teeth to your own but as with the fangs, they only have teeth that look about the right size based on your teeth casts but are not based on any particular design.  They are ONLY designed to look like a normal healthy set of teeth
For reference (as at May2015) £145 is roughly $222 USD

The Detailed Veneer
Custom Made Upper veneer,  for a closer match to the size and shape of your real teeth but obviously straighter.
there is a different process for making this option.  its a more detailed version to look as close to your real teeth (and gums) as I can...
if you have particular design requirements for your Normal style set, this is the one to order.  However, you MUST send me a proper dental mouth cast from your dentist for this option!!!  This option is a lot more work and is £180 per set* + £15 shipping
For reference (as at May2015) £185 is roughly $284 USD  
(as with all of the veneers based on human teeth, exact tooth on tooth positioning might not be possible, we want them to look natural in the mouth, so from about the canines, veneer teeth tend to sit slightly forward of the real ones -
otherwise for exact position matching, you'd end up with veneer teeth a lot wider than your own - i.e. 'horse teeth'.
likewise, most teeth are a pretty regular size, so bear this in mind if  your own teeth are particularly long or short.)
Lower sets are possible but generally, unless its for a specific character etc. I don't recommend wearing 2 sets of veneers at once as it WILL affect speech a lot more :/

NOTE:   We don't call these 'hollywood smile' teeth or similar....
We only make a cover-up veneer to look like a normal healthy set of teeth (based on the casts you send to us).  We 'may' be able to produce a 'hollywood' style veneer but costs will vary and be much higher, but to be honest, if you have that sort of money to spend, why not just go to someone that already produces the Hollywood style of teeth...?  *
personally, we find the 'hollywood' teeth available are unrealistic and far too white to be natural.  plus, any pics you have likely seen probably involve 000's spent on actual dental treatment!
as such, you SHOULD NOT expect to get a hollywood smile type of product from us.
You might wonder why these cost more than the basic fangs too, the 'standard cost of a basic veneer is always £130, the fanhs are kept at a discounted rate.
All the veneers I make are custom made to fit a particular person using dental acrylic and as with any creative endeavour, you really do get what you pay for!

*  For instance, I have a UK based dental friend that does similar cover-up teeth, they are near perfection (IMO) but his starting price is at least £250 GBP... plus about £25 shipping.  A
t the lower end of the scale you could get cheap Chinese made plastic veneers that look ok ish but are really bulky!
Si hope you can see that I am trying to be a lot more affordable than other companies offering a similar product.
Rather than offering costly perfection, I've always tried to be a mid range option and offer a good product at a fair price for the work involved and since most people don't get within 2 feet of your mouth anyway, is that perfection even needed???.