Custom Made Vampire Fangs, Character Teeth and SFX makeup

HobbyFX Prosthetic Work

These are pieces i am now producing.

Mostly they are Gelatine, Foamed Gelatine and Cold Foam, sometimes silicone...

if you are interested in any of them, please send me a message!


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HobbyFX Prosthetics Etc  (mostly available and pictures coming soon!)




currently slip latex only - £15 GBP plus shipping



Fins (shark etc)

Webbed Fingers        

Nipple Covers        

Latex G-String        

Vampire Forehead  

 Demon Forehead (forehead with resin horns)        

Troll ( Full Face Mask with tusks)

Faun (Half Face and horns)        

Faun nose         

Hooved Boots  WIP 

Tentacles / Latex Dreads (up to 4' long!)        

Elf Ears        

Rigid Foam Skull 

Cyborg (side of face)        

Alien Visitor (side of face)        

Skinned (side of face)

Feline Face        

Burnt Face (Dream Demon full face)

Lizard Thing (half face with over 30 small horns)         

Fish Face (full face with trout lips  lol)

cuts and grazes         

Horns (resin set in a latex base)         

Claws (some below)

Raised Veins         

Leaves (ivy etc)

We are happy to accept commissions if we are able to accommodate your needs, please contact us with your idea and we will get back to you ASAP

Flexible Claws

These are some basic claws i have come up with.
Made from semi-flexible rubber, they should be LARP safe and easier to wear than normal false nails.

They take nail varnish well although in these pics we had to thin it to cover them all :(
Easy to apply with nail/super glue and easy to remove.

They still needs a few modifications to get the sizes correct, but they will be supplied as a set of 12-16 varying sizes inc glue for £20 UK Pounds plus P&P

Please send me a message if you are interested  :)

Rob Burman's 'Rubber Wear' Professional Prosthetics

 Please contact us if you are interested in these items. This is a small selection of what is available and pricelist is available on request.

limited quantities available and all for sale at highly discounted rates basically at cost!